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Updated: Mar 13

We hade a bit of a rough spell during the Covid period. But we are so pleased to announce we are back! We wanted to share some pictures of a home we recently designed and installed lights for.

This home is in a cul-de-sac near the middle to south end of the island. Upon meeting the clients, they wanted to know, "If you do a demonstration and quote a price, will you still honor that price?" The answer is always yes.

We don't try to upsell, but ask what you want or give you ideas and offer some of our advice, or we can design it all for you. You are in control. We do free demonstrations as to what your house would look like. During the demonstration we can add or remove lighting, adjust angles and reflections, move equipment and make everything just as you want it.

In essence, we want you happy. We want to showcase your home in a way that makes you both excited and proud. We are on call for any issues you may have. We are locally and family owned so can drop what we are doing to assist or adjust anything you need.

We also service older landscape lighting systems. So, if you can't contact the former person who installed it, we can help.

All of our lights are low voltage LED lights. You electric bill will barely change. We install the system on a timer that automatically goes on and off so you don't have to remember.

Lighting up your home not only makes it more elegant, but it also deters many break-ins. A lot of landscapes and homes are totally dark. We want to change that. So, check out our before and after videos and a few pics from our most recent project.

This is just a small example of what our lighting can do for your home.

And please call us to see how we can assist with your dream home design.

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